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Our Steel Collection features five models. All doors can be enhanced with the large variety of decorative hardware we have available. We can also work with you to create your own custom design.

These doors are available in our 2-inch, steel-backed, insulated door. The sculpted edge detail on our trim and our window construction set us apart from the competition.

Windows can be added to all of our doors to allow light to enter the garage and add to the aesthetic appeal of any home. You can choose any type of glass; i.e., seeded, smoked, obscure, etc.

Each door comes complete with high-quality, heavy-duty hardware, 10-ball nylon rollers, horizontal reinforcing, torsion springs, and heavy-duty track.

Steel Specifications:

Sections: 2 inch steel back insulated

Overlay: 1/2 inch Extira is bonded to the facing with exterior adhesive and screws.

Core: 2 EPS, Polystyrene insulation.

Windows: 1/8 inch DSB (Standard) stopped and sealed in place; however, many other types of glass are available and optional.

Designs: Five basic designs are offered. All are available with windows and custom arch. (Please provide template with custom arch.) Special designs are available when detailed drawings are supplied.

301 301G 301H
301 301-G 301-H
302 302E 302F
302 302-E 302-F
303 303I 303J
303 303-I 303-J
304 304C 304D
304 304-C 304-D
305 305A 305B
305 305-A 305-B

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